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Choose Your Dream Sweepstakes

Campaign and Event Marketing Management is a Dream Come True

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Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Wix Website Developer


I presented the idea of doing a promotion that would appeal to multiple audiences. A dream vacation, a new vehicle, jewelry, a down payment on a new home, a kitchen makeover or cash.


The magic of the campaign was allowing the winners to choose. The total prize value was $40,000+ (depending on prize). I set up the sweepstakes giveaway rules, creative design, event promotion, and more.

The goal was to create buzz and generate leads for company loan officers around the nation. It turned out to be the signal largest lead gen promotion with over 85,000 leads generated that turned into millions in home loan sales and refinance opportunities.


• Sweepstakes Rules

• Event Management

• Photography

• Creative & Graphics

• Content Creation

• Video Production

• Social Media

• PR and Press Kits

• UI/UX Design

• Integrated Marketing

• Web Design

Choose Your Dream Sweepstakes Design
Choose Your Dream Sweepstakes Mockup

"What a great idea to extend our marketing dollars and generate leads"

- Paul C.

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