How to Create a Wix Website in 6 Easy Steps From an Award Winning Wix Designer in Utah

Want to make a Wix website? Here is how you do it with this step-by-step Wix tutorial from UTCREATIVE. If you run into any problems or would like me to put a website together for you… contact me.

Let’s cover how to…

  1. Sign up with a Wix account

  2. Wix’s user interface

  3. Template – Find one that works

  4. Wix Editor - Design and customize your website

  5. Wix Apps - Adding extra functionality

  6. Publish - your Wix website

Wix: the introduction and how to create a website

Wix is a solid website builder option. It will get everything you need to get done for a great website building experience.

Quick look at the highlights of using Wix:

  • It has a visual, drag-and-drop editor – Easily customize any template without needing to touch a line of code.

  • 500 highly optimized, customizable, and eye-catching templates.

  • Artificial intelligence design tool – Wix can create a website for you using its artificial design intelligence tool (ADI).

  • Wix Apps – The Wix app marketplace contains both free and premium apps, including business, promotional, and blogging tools.

  • eCommerce functionality – Wix includes everything you need to sell some products.

  • Built-in hosting, security, and maintenance – Because Wix is a fully hosted solution, hosting, security, and the maintenance of your website are all taken care of for you.

  • Support – Wix has a well-organized knowledge base to help you get started. You can also submit a support ticket or chat on the phone to one of the help team if you have a problem.

Ready for the fun part? Here’s how to make a website with Wix…

1. Create a Wix account

First you need to register for an account then yo will be able to create your Wix Website. Open the Wix homepage and select Get Started. Enter your email address and create an account.

The sign up process is easy. Answer a few short questions about your new website and then you are complete. Next, you will be asked whether you want to create a website within the Wix Editor or let the Wix ADI tool design a website for you…

2. Let Wix ADI create a website for you

Although Wix’s artificial intelligence designer (ADI) is a useful tool, its design and customization options are limited compared to the Wix templates and editor. Therefore, if you have a basic understanding of website design (and I mean basic), you can click here to skip ahead to Step 3 and choose your own template.

However, if you are totally new to building a website, then Wix ADI may be a good option for you.

After selecting Start Now, the tool will then ask you a few questions about your new project. Make sure you carefully choose the design options that mos