Why Your Wix Website has to be Mobile Friendly

No matter what platform your current or future website is built on, you’ve probably been told multiple times that it has to be mobile friendly.

On average, most people spend around five hours a day on their phone. While this is great for you because customers can reach you directly from their phone, it’s a bad thing if your website is not mobile friendly.

Below, we’re going to discuss best practices for mobile web design and how to use them in your Wix website. We’ll also talk about Wix’s mobile features and how to use them.

Mobile Web Design Tips

  1. Responsive Design

Almost all of us can recall a time where we navigated to a mobile website and either couldn’t read the text, couldn’t easily navigate, or had to enlarge text to read it. Most of us have clicked away after just a few seconds, frustrated at the poor mobile web design.

Luckily there’s Wix Mobile, a tool that allows you to change the design of your site.

Wix Mobile Editor:

Wix features a mobile editor. This tool enables you to design a totally unique, mobile-friendly website. You can l get additional information about the mobile editor and its features here.

The Mobile Editor Allows You to:

  • Choose your colors, orientation, animation, etc. for a truly custom menu.

  • Hide elements, which we’ll discuss more later.

  • Alter orientation, text size, and color.

  • Enlarge buttons.

  • Include the Mobile Action Bar, which is a one-click button that links items like social media channels, your location, phone number or email, etc.

Ultimately, you want your mobile users to be able to easily navigate your website and read text without adjusting the view or enlarging text. You’ll also want to ensure that they don’t have to change the landscape view by turning their phone to view elements that are off-screen.

  1. Easy-to-Use Menu

Your mobile website menu should be very similar to your desktop menu in terms of color and font. The key difference is that it’s a button users click to see the entire menu.

Menu Button